Congregation of the Caritas Sisters of Jesus


Congregation of the Caritas Sisters of Jesus

Apostolate in the parishes

We willingly participate in the life and projects of the parish where we live, promoting the Gospel by way of religious education and catechism.
In collaboration with those in charge of pastoral announcements, we act to encourage community prayer and liturgy.

Apostolate of the sick and poor

Through Caritas projects and tasks, we want to provide assistance to all those who need it; the physically and mentally sick, aiming to recover man’s respect as a gift of God.

Apostolate in education

In accordance with Saint John Bosco’s educational principles, we want to contribute to the development of individuals’ capacities so that they are able to open up to true values through education in culture, religion and work.

Apostolate of the families

We are dedicated to evangelising families by way of visits set up for their wellbeing. We aim to help families with difficulties to protect them and to ensure that their lives and personalities are respected.

Missionary projects abroad

The members of this Congregation, founded by the Salesian missionaries, live with missionary zeal agents like the heritage handed down, and they actively promote training and sending the missionaries abroad.

Apostolate through music

Since its foundation, as a way of evangelising, we creatively use music. By way of concerts in various places, we have understood that God’s message sent through music penetrates people’s hearts, above all in countries where the faith is not predominantly Christian.